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Ping An Insurance Center
Ping An All the Way

Are you wondering what is Ping An and what it means? 

Ping An is originated from two Chinese characters "Ping"(平) and "An"(安). The former means Smoothness/Flatness; the latter stands for Safety/Security. The two together then become a word with the meaning of Safety and Peace. We choose Ping An as our brand becasue we wish every one of our customers live happier, healthier and happier lives with safety and peace. 

Wish you Ping An!

Who we are

Ping An Insurance Center is an insurance wholesaler with licenses in all 50 states. The company currently has its focus on selling auto, home, health, and commercial/specialty insurance and meanwhile educating our valued customers.

Information technology has been around for decades, but there are many people who do not understand the basic difference in insurance policies. Even though soical media has a significant imapct on how we perceive and process information about insurance policies, it is challenging to find a knowelegeable and experienced insurance agent with an easy accessible platform and quality service.

Aiming to change current pure price competitions which lead to insufficient services, Ping An Insurance Center tries its best to serve the clients solely to improve clients’ awareness of insurance, guaranteeing that clients could fully understand the insurance coverage and lower the risk as much as possible. Our goal is to be the strongest supporter for the wealth and health of our customers. 

Now, Ping An Insurance Center proudly represents over 30 insurance companies with full range of insurance products that fit different customers’ needs. The company is growing in a very fast pace, with a strong commitment to become a leader in the insurance industry and deliver honor and peace through our supreme service. 
Our Mission
We are committed to help people live healthier and wealthier lives with more honor and peace from the following four aspects:
  • The clients deserve our utmost attention in fulfilling their needs in insurance. We serve our clients for any questions or problems they have in their insurance, ensuring that they get the best services, best coverage and best prices. 
  • Every interaction with our company should leave you smiling. We honor all our clients whoever they are and whatever insurance they would like to choose. 
  • We want to be a life time business partner for all of our clients. We try every effort to ensure that our clients could suffer less and benefit more from our insurance. 
  • Do what we say we will do, sometimes more, just never less. We establish a system to track the customers’ records, contact them to get their latest information and update them with the newest best deals. 

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